Roelof Reineman


I'm an engineer, good technology has always had a magical appeal to me. From my degree in physics I have learned to reason from first principles and ask the right questions.


I am pragmatic in that I do not pursue technology for technology's sake. It has to serve a purpose and make the world a better place. In today's world, sustainability is a property of everything we do.


Good technology is not simply the best; it also has to add value to the world. It adds value and provides benefits so that people appreciate it and want to buy it.

Status Quo

We should stop burning things for our energy; material is much better used to make products than set them ablaze. We should stop hide certain costs as externalities and hope somebody, at some time will pick up the bill. That is the Status Quo I am looking to break using good technology.

Good technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Good Technology

My definition of good technology is that it helps us all. It does not pollute more than it absolutely has to and is sustainable. Good technology is something that adds value for everybody which is why people are willing to buy it. Good technology always works and is hidden from the user. It is used intuitively. 

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